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DIY Face Mask Kit + Acne Treatment
"I’m on Staycation Tonight", DIY Face Mask Kit + Acne Treatment, by HoneyPop™ includes the perfect assortment of complexion-loving actives needed to create a professional facial (AT-HOME) for WOW! looking skin.  Ethically Sourced Dermatologically Tested Cruelty-Free Anti-Acne Patch Tested for Sensitivity Eye Tested for Sensitivity Ideal for problematic skin NO...
Immaculate Pores Clear Vibes Acne Treatment
Breakouts take a break with Immaculate Pores Clear Vibes-Acne Treatment, designed to clear away blemishes and prevent future breakouts! Our blend of skin-perfecting extracts reveal soothed-looking, clear skin and immaculate-looking pores! INCLUDES Acne Serum 15ml / .5 oz  + Info Card  HOW TO USE Apply where needed, then gently apply...
Kick It Off Mud Mask Base
Spa...aaaaaah! Deliciously whipped Mud-Mask Base glides on silky-smooth to deeply purify and hydrate the look of skin. Use alone or blend with HoneyPop™ serums and jellies for a customized mask experience. Includes Mix & Mask Spoon and Bowl! INCLUDES Mud Mask Base + Bowl and Spoon + Info Card HOW...
Scrub It Away Exfoliating Jelly
Scrub It Away Exfoliating Jelly uses a blend of physical and enzymatic exfoliants to reveal a radiant-looking complexion. Use alone or blend with HoneyPop™ mud mask base and/ or serums for a customized mask experience.  INCLUDES Exfoliating Jelly + Info Card  HOW TO USE With HoneyPOP™ Kick It Off Mud...
Chillax De-Puffing Magic Serum
Well helloooo, bright eyes! Chillax Magic Serum is formulated with soothing and de-puffing actives designed to wake-up and brighten the look of eyes! INCLUDES Chillax Serum 15ml / .5 oz  + Info Card  HOW TO USE Blend drops of HoneyPOP™ Chillax Magic Serum with HoneyPOP™ Kick It Off Mud Mask...